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Integrated Financial Management SoftwareSouthWare

SouthWare's Financial Management Series is a fully integrated family of business software for your accounting and information management related processes.

It is well suited for sales and service companies.  Including,  wholesale and distribution, service contracts and equipment rentals, light manufacturing and assembly, and AIA job costing environments.

This robust system has been refined over many years to handle the most challenging needs of thousands of businesses of all sizes. By providing comprehensive visibility, you can combine key information from all financial areas, including accounts payables and receivables, general ledger, cash flow, payroll, and more. So you are always up-to-speed on what’s impacting your finances.

The modular software approach lets you combine the modules you need for seamless business and financial integration.  Your business won’t outgrow the software. You choose the modules that fit your needs today and easily incorporate additional modules as your company grows or your needs change.

Financial Modules:

Accounts Payable Fixed Assets
Accounts Receivable Job Costing
Collections Payroll
General Ledger Cash Flow

With SouthWare, front office and back-office operations become one interconnected business, providing multi-faceted conduits for information and decision making. With an integrated business management system this efficient, you will reduce costs, increase revenue, and elevate customer satisfaction.

The customizable family suite of business management software also includes: Inventory Management / Distribution, Service Management, System Administration Tools, eCommerce / eBusiness, and Business Management.

The SouthWare Excellence Series is a comprehensive product with an impressive feature set that incorporates over 25 years of development and refinement. SouthWare’s development philosophy seeks to continuously enhance the mature product with recent technology.



Financial Modules:

Accounts Payable – Control Your Expenses

Managing payables to your vendors is a routine, yet important part of any business. You need tight control over your check writing, with minimal time involved. SouthWare’s Accounts Payable is a complete system for recording vendor transactions, writing checks, and tracking vendor activity, you can quickly take care of all your routine and not-so-routine payables tasks.

  • Have complete and accurate vendor records at all times.

  • Know which vendors are due to be paid.

  • Plan for future cash needs.

  • Control when each invoice gets paid, how much gets paid, and where the check is sent.

  • Create a check whenever you need one.

  • Make sure you take advantage of vendor discounts.

  • Prioritize your payments when cash is tight.

  • Know which invoices have questions that must be cleared up before payment and make sure they don’t get paid before they should.

  • Evaluate each vendor’s performance.

  • Spend your time only on the non-routine payment situations that need your attention.


Accounts Receivable –  For Your Most Valuable Asset

Your receivables are one of your most valuable assets. Managed right, they encourage higher sales with minimal costs. Managed wrong, they could put you out of business. The way to manage it right is with SouthWare’s Accounts Receivable. A complete system for promoting and tracking sales, payments, and other activity with your customers, you get efficient recordkeeping, accurate records, and the tools to help you get paid on time.

  • Know which customers owe you money and when it’s due.

  • Regularly remind your customers that you’re watching their accounts closely.

  • Encourage timely payments.

  • Instantly answer a question about a customer’s current or past activity.

  • Keep accurate commission records for your sales people.

  • Reduce the time you spend on sales tax reporting.

  • Know the aging status of each receivable type, customer, and invoice.

  • Evaluate each customer’s sales and payment performance.

  • Spend less time entering data and more time managing your customer relationships.


Collections Adapter – An add-on option with Accounts Receivable

Following up on past due customer accounts is not one of the most pleasant business tasks, but it is an important one.  Make your collection efforts more organized and easier with SouthWare’s Collections Adapter.

An add-on option with Accounts Receivable, you can schedule follow-up calls, enter collection call information, and track customer commitments. You’ll get a better return on your time spent doing collections because you’ll have a complete record of what’s been done and said. Plus, you’ll have the tools to eliminate excuses for non-payment.

  • Know who needs a collection call.

  • Systematically follow up with every customer who needs attention.

  • Keep track of customer promises.

  • Review and record the status of each outstanding invoice during a collections call.

  • Know what was said on past collection calls.

  • Know when to withhold further credit to a customer.

  • Know which customers have exceeded their credit limit.

  • Decide how frequently to follow up with each customer.

  • Instantly access the details of an invoice to answer any questions.


General Ledger –  Supervise Your Finances Daily

Your general ledger is where all your financial information comes together. For up-to-date information, attractive financial reports, and insight behind the reports, supervise your finances daily - not just once a month - with SouthWare’s General Ledger. Your other SouthWare products keep General Ledger as current as the last transaction. Your financial statements are ready whenever you want to see them.

  • Have instant insight into every G/L amount and transaction.

  • Get the financial reports you need when you need them.

  • Have financial reports that look the way you want them to look.

  • Get today’s financial statements, not just last month’s.

  • Easily provide the information your auditors request.

  • Eliminate most manual work in G/L as your other SouthWare products automatically update your financial information.

  • Compare this year’s performance to previous years.

  • Compare actual performance to your budget.

  • Quickly update your budgets throughout the year as your estimates change.

  • Analyze the performance for your different financial reporting entities as well as for your entire company.


Fixed Assets – Complete Asset Tracking

Tracking, valuing, and depreciating your assets is a time-consuming and tedious chore. Automate much of this workload with SouthWare’s Fixed Assets. A complete asset tracking and depreciation system, you can easily keep track of the locations and values of your various equipment, furniture, machines, buildings, and other assets. Depreciation calculations are done for you and you can transfer asset and depreciation information directly into SouthWare’s General Ledger.

  • Keep current records on all your assets.

  • Easily handle the recordkeeping and accounting for acquisitions and disposals of assets.

  • Know exactly where each asset is located to help you with your property tax reporting.

  • Have your depreciation calculations done automatically for you.

  • Have your asset information and depreciation automatically updated in your General Ledger.

  • Easily handle asset splits.

  • Track asset usage such as hours or mileage.

  • Handle many different depreciation methods and schedules for each asset.


Job Cost – Keep Your Jobs Under Control

When your business revolves around jobs you must have a good job tracking system. Most jobs involve so many types of costs that you need comprehensive records on each job just to know whether you’re making money or not. SouthWare’s Job Cost gives you the tools you need to keep your jobs under control without getting bogged down in paperwork.

Setting up new jobs is easy, and you can even copy standard jobs. Your costs and revenues can be automatically updated by other SouthWare products. Overhead, recognizing job progress in G/L, and work-in-process updates can all be done in minutes.

  • See all the information about a job at the click of a button.

  • Know the profitability on each job.

  • Know the types of costs that you’ve incurred on each job.

  • Track all changes to a job’s budget and compare actual performance against budget.

  • Automatically keep your job information current as a byproduct of A/P, Payroll, Inventory, and invoicing processing.

  • Easily assign overhead to your jobs.

  • Know your work-in-process status and transfer costs from work-in-process as a job is finished.

  • Spot cost overruns.

  • Predict expected job profit.

  • Know how much work is left to be done on a job.

  • Know what’s been paid and what should be paid on a job.


Payroll – Flexible and Sophisticated Software

You need your payrolls to be accurate and on time, but you’d like to minimize the administrative time and cost it takes to prepare them. With SouthWare’s Payroll you get a sophisticated and flexible system for payroll processing, tracking, and reporting.

Benefit from an “exception” design that lets you set up all normal information for an employee so you only have to enter exceptional or one-time information with each payroll. You get the flexibility to handle the many special earnings and deduction situations your employees have. And your governmental reporting information is ready when you need it.

  • Depend on accurate and on-time payrolls.

  • Experience less hassle with the various employee deductions and other special payroll situations your employees have.

  • Rest easier when it comes time for your quarterly or year-end tax reporting.

  • Analyze your payroll costs to know exactly where your money is going.

  • Know the details of each employee’s payroll situation.

  • Know the details behind each check you write.

  • Know your total costs for each payroll and zoom into the details for more information.

  • Spend less time on payroll administration each month – you can even eliminate checks with a direct deposit option.

  • Have the information you need to report to other organizations such as credit unions and insurance companies.


Cash Flow - Information About Your Cash At Your Fingertips

Knowing your cash flow situation is vital to your business success. You’ve got to have complete insight into your cash, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time gathering and analyzing data. Cash Flow Ledger puts all the information about your cash right at your fingertips. Cash transactions from your SouthWare Excellence Series business system flow automatically into Cash Flow Ledger. Without any extra work you’ve got all the information and tools you need to answer your cash flow questions. And when you reconcile your bank account the system will automatically show you where your G/L differs from your bank account.

  • Capture cash flow history as it happens without any extra work.

  • Understand how today’s cash balance got that way.

  • Review daily cash balance fluctuations.

  • Quickly reconcile your G/L cash to your bank statement.

  • Review each type of cash flow to look for trends.

  • See the details behind any cash flow transaction.

  • See the detail cash, check, and credit card payments in each day’s deposit.

  • Look at cash flows over any period of time.

  • Easily identify accounting errors involving your cash accounts.

  • Track the cash for a single bank account using several G/L cash accounts.


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