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SouthWare NetLink™ is a revolutionary tool that lets you provide simple and controlled browser-based network access to your company data files. It is designed primarily as a business-to-business application but can also be used for consumer-to-business processes.  Your customers, vendors, employees, business partners, and other people can both access data and submit data from any computer that can access your data files via Internet technology.

Since NetLink™ is tightly integrated with the SouthWare Excellence Series™ you can get the best of the two computer worlds:

For high-volume processing of business information you get the power, speed, control, and built-in sophistication of SouthWare's™ mature business applications running on your internal system. Your day-to-day work is not hindered by the limitations of browser-based access.

You and your partners can use Web browsers to access selected data and send data to be updated using the "stateless" transaction-based mode of intranets and the Internet.

Try NetLink™  yourself. 

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