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Benefits of an Integrated Telephone System

How will My Business Benefit?

Cost Benefits:

  • Reduce monthly telephone bills by 40 - 60%
  • Reduce administration costs by internally managing phone system
  • Ability to expand, change or relocate phone system yourself
  • No charge for branch-to-branch calls - worldwide
  • No charge for remote / telecommuter calls - worldwide
  • Reduce employee costs with auto attendant
  • Expand workspace beyond traditional office environment
  • Web based collaboration tools
  • Reduced cost of ownership

Management Benefits:

  • Easy to setup, manage and use
  • Integrates with computer systems
  • Scalable and reliable
  • Minimal employee learning curve
  • Integrated with email and CRM
  • Increased organizational productivity
  • Web base collaboration tools for webinars, conferences or on-line training
  • Provides a professional image
  • Ability to work easily in a mobile environment
  • Different systems and options to choose from depending on the size and needs of your business


Do you want to expand your business opportunities and presence with the use of webinars, on-line training, or virtual conferencing

Or, increase your mobile workforce's productivity with voicemail to email, call forwarding or find me options

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