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  • Need better control over accounts receivables or payables?

  • Need rigid data entry controls with good audit trails?

  • Losing time and revenue due to data entry duplication?

  • Tired of using multiple software programs to track bank accounts, update customer files, handle job costing, create statements, process payroll and provide overall financial details?

It’s time to look at SouthWare’s Financial Management software.

The SouthWare Excellence Series is a fully integrated family of business software for your accounting and related processes. This robust system provides comprehensive visibility by combining key information from all financial areas, including accounts payables and receivables, general ledger, cash flow, payroll, and more. So you are always up-to-speed on what’s impacting your finances.

Is your business a good fit?

  • Are you subject to regulatory or stock holder oversight reporting?

  • Do you have monthly or annual audits?

  • Do you need formal job costing with retention and AIA billing?

  • Do you handle service or rental contracts?

  • Do you handle payroll internally?

  • Do you have a complex inventory?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions and are serious about making a change for the better, it’s time to look at SouthWare’s Financial Management software.

SouthWare's Business Management Software Suite

The customizable family suite of business management software also includes:


With SouthWare, front office and back-office operations become one interconnected business, providing multi-faceted conduits for information and decision making. With a business management system this efficient, you will reduce service costs, increase revenue, and elevate customer satisfaction.


The SouthWare Excellence Series is a comprehensive product with an impressive feature set that incorporates over 25 years of development and refinement.


SouthWare’s development philosophy seeks to continuously enhance the mature product with recent technology.


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