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May Newsletter...

Computer & Phone Integration

My question for this month is: Have you looked at your phone system recently? Utilizing emerging technology where data networks carry phone signals very effectively can result in considerable financial savings over your traditional telephone bills. Additionally, having the potential to integrate phone and data services allows far greater flexibility and mobility for your office staff.

Modern computer based PBX systems communicating with devices over the local and wide area network structures are providing offices with services only seen in extremely large expensive PBX systems of the past. If your system is more than 2 years old, it is probable that additional features can be installed often with considerable savings.

So why should you consider an IP PBX for your business? There are a number of reasons. First and foremost being the huge cost savings compared to traditional phone systems. With small businesses needing to watch their finances and spend wisely, saving money on a phone system is certainly a good move. Secondly, the value of an IP PBX system is far greater since the features that are available are extremely expensive with other systems.

Another potential cost savings is the ability to use VoIP telephone services. The VOIP trunking providers can provide multiple calls at one time into your system over the internet instead of costing money each month for each phone line that has to be run into the building. While VoIP trunks are getting more and more popular, the most common use is for capacity overflow and expansion instead of having to order additional lines.

We at complete computer support have traditionally supported the data network structure of the client through network design, servers, firewalls, and integration to the internet. In the past, phone systems have been very specialized requiring a different technical skill, with specialized PBX hardware and we have avoided these type of systems. Now that the phone systems are using the same data structures as the computer systems, the potential to share data between computer and telephone applications is providing many benefits. Managing your voice mail and your own calling schedule on the computer are just some benefits of closer integration of these systems.

We are currently working on two integration projects and have decided that this is going to feature as a major part of our business going forward.

If you would like us to review your phone systems, both for the service provider and the in-house PBX features, we can arrange comparative quotations and show you some of the features available to you.

It is important that we start with an analysis of your existing systems and identify the features which maybe most important to you.