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February Newsletter...

We have seen the future and
the future is Revision 15

During February, SouthWare hosted two WebEx sessions to introduce the dealer community to some of the innovative new features that will be released this summer with Revision 15. We are in the process of pulling out some selected "screen prints" from these sessions and will create a new Rev.15 introduction page adding screens and comments as we learn more about the new features.

Just as they did with Rev.11, SouthWare is taking a major leap forward with Rev.15. SouthWare received accolades for their Portals interface introduced in Rev.11. The clients who have utilized these screens have found the benefit of rapidly retrieving data and seeing the big picture related to their role in the company presented in a simple centralized manner.

The goal of Rev.15 is to roll Portals out into a more active role in the software. Not only will Portals be available for those who are looking to view current statistical data, but it will be the interface to allow sorting, direct changes and interaction with the data as it is presented. This concept is currently being referred to as "ACTIVE PORTALS".

With Active Portals, the role based Persona Portals will still exist but will be supplemented with additional features to allow single screen access to both view and edit data associated with specific companies with whom we work. For example: A customer screen will actively show all information available for that client, including open items, history, quotes, orders, service orders etc. all in one single screen.

Another new concept is Activity Based Reporting. Activity Based Reporting allows you to view all activity with a specific customer that has occurred over the past 7 days, 30 days or other defined range of dates. You can consolidate all of these separate data activities into a single activity report giving you a highly affective chronological activity sheet for that customer.

The third major feature which we are seeing and are excited about is the enhanced integration with web based tools. An example of this is an interface with Google charting, which includes map based reporting. As these web-based applications evolve faster than a normal software cycle, new features offered by Google and other web services will be available immediately with no need for further upgrades hard coded into the SouthWare Innovations core products.

Although it is early days, we are extremely excited at the direction SouthWare is taking and feel that their stated goal of a simpler user interface requiring far less training than the traditional menu based systems is going to be achieved with this release.

Please watch our website over the next few months as we continue to add to the Rev.15 introduction page.

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