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July Newsletter...

Oh Where, Oh Where has half the year gone??

Tips & Tricks: Did you know??

For those of you not using the graphical screens and, thus do not have access to the "recent shortcut" button, here is a useful tip.  If you are at any menu with the cursor in the select/shortcut field, you may type one dot (.) to take you to the last screen you were in or two dots (..)to pick from a list of the last 25 menu options/ screens that you recently visited in SouthWare.

TASKWISEŽ: (view PDF brief)

We, at Complete Computer Support, are expanding our use of TaskWiseŽ and are exploring the many features of this SouthWareŽ module in far greater detail than we had before.

Some Features in TaskWiseŽ:

Relationship Management (CRM on steroids) - This main feature of TaskWiseŽ provides a place to look up and manage all your contacts, customers, vendors, prospects, and employees.

Task Management - Keep track of tasks which are created by, assigned, or forwarded to you.   Tasks can be general or related to customers, vendors, or projects.

Project Management - This can be set up to track and manage a project that will involve multiple people, tasks and several different stages of completion.

Alerts - These can be created to scan your SouthWareŽ data and let you know of any unusual event/occurrence.   A task related to this alert is automatically generated at this time.

AnswerReady - This lets you set up a database of topics, instructions, questions/answers and policies that will be easily available to your employees. Best of all, this is fully integrated with all your SouthWareŽ data programs.

Other News:

We had mentioned in the May Newsletter that we planned to set up regular group training sessions.  With Revision 14 coming out and with TaskWiseŽ, these sessions have been pushed back. They are still on our list of things we plan to do.  If there are any particular topics you would like to have us cover, please let us know.