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June Newsletter...



Complete Computer Support is very pleased to announce the highlights in Revision 14 that will make your lives even easier!!!



Accounts Payable:


For those using the new alternate payment type feature introduced in Revision 13 there is a new addition in Revision 14: You will now have the ability to apply credits to third-party vendors (i.e. MasterCard or Visa).  Are you even using this feature?


In A/P Vendor Inquiry (AP0301):


When reconciling documents like credit card statements, voided / cancelled third-party invoices will show on the inquiry list. 


When in the vendor inquiry screen, if you hit "Enter" to skip the "Name" field you will now be able to do a search by vendor name from that field.


Have you ever written a manual check and been frustrated that you could not default a remaining amount onto a check?  Well, hallelujah!  Now you will be able to do just that.


Tired of having to create separate payment ID's whenever you have to do more than one wire transfer?  Guess what!?  Now you will be able to do multiple wire transfers using just one Payment ID in payment processing (AP02).


Accounts Receivable:


MAJOR IMPROVEMENT AHEAD!!  Have you ever wanted to give your sales staff access to your system without having them see information other than their own? You will now be able to limit the access your sales staff gets to SouthWare® so that they may only see information that is pertinent to them (i.e. their orders and customers).  Even better, if you have a sales manager who supervises multiple salesmen he/she can be set up to view only his/her orders and customers as well as the orders and customers of any of the staff they supervise.


Inventory Sales:


Ever wish for a faster way to add sales orders- especially those with many line items?  Revision 14 has a new "line item selector tool" that will provide multiple ways to search for items and allow for easy creation, editing, and deletion of line items.  THIS IS ONLY FOR GRAPHICAL USERS!


As part of the improved sales order entry system you will now have the ability to create purchase orders directly from a sales order.


The same way that sales people are restricted in Accounts Receivable, users can be restricted in Inventory Sales to view only their location information.


For those clients who link AP invoices to large PO's, there are new, simpler options that will allow the operator to select, or unselect, all the line items in a PO.


Need a way to reference PO receivings when looking at the A/P invoice??  Well here is something we have for you - a new cross-reference feature between PO receivings and A/P invoices. 




Ever wish you had a way to see a list of all the components and sub-components on any of your assemblies without creating a work order?  You can now.  There is a new planning report that will show all the components and sub-components on any Bill of Materials.


Return Authorizations:


There are useful new additions to this module which will allow for the tracking of allowances and non-inventory credits.


For Example: You order goods from one of your vendors.  When it arrives some of the goods are damaged, so you need to return them.  You then decide that you do not need the items you are returning.  Your vendor agrees to send you a refund or credit memo instead of the goods.  You can enter the transaction into RA as a Damage Allowance and specify whether you are expecting a refund check or a credit memo.  


You can also enter in Advertising allowances or miscellaneous allowances in the same way.


Service Management:


Tired of having to take extra steps to create PO's once your service orders are done?  There will be a new option that allows PO's to be generated directly from Service Orders.


Do you want any, or all, of these features?  If you do, call us to get your upgrade to Revision 14 now.