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November Newsletter...

Where Has The Year Gone???

This certainly has been an "interesting" year.  In view of the recent politics, there was a very relevant quote from Robert F. Kennedy in 1966 when he said:

"There is a Chinese curse which says,   'May he live in interesting times.'  Like it or not we live in interesting times...."

Although it appears that the origin of the phrase is more likely to be the proverb:

 "It is better to be a dog in peaceful times than a man in a chaotic period."

They are both equally applicable to the business climate in which we find ourselves today.

With this historical election behind us, I hope that we can start to focus our minds and make some business decisions in the remainder of this year which will assist us in improving our productivity and profitability in 2009. 

In previous Newsletters we have mentioned the need for controlling costs and having access to accurate trusted information in a timely fashion.  A number of additional external factors have happened this year, one of which was the Economic Stimulus Act. 

In this Act, there was a provision for increasing the amount that could be expensed on Software systems and implementation in 2008.  Currently, this provision is due to expire on December 31, 2008.  It is important to review your Tax position for 2008 with your accountant and see whether you will gain any benefit from investing in software and systems in 2008 as opposed to deferring this investment to 2009. 

An added factor is a by product of the current credit market.  We are finding that banks are needing to lend money and are extremely eager to take capitalized leases for software and bundle all implementation services into the cost, which is then deferred over a 3 or 5 year period.

As an example of this, very attractive rates are available from some of our leasing partners, and one of these partners has teamed with SouthWare® to provide a very attractive financing deal.  It even includes an option to allow the first 90 day period of the lease to be at a $99.00 per month basis.  This allows the investment to be taken in 2008, gaining the tax benefit, and deferring the full cost of the lease until the system is implemented and producing improvements in the company.  (see Related Resources for more information)

If you feel that you would like to make any investment in your future in this fiscal year, please contact us as early as possible so that we can discuss the best option available to you.