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June Newsletter...

SouthWare Conference & Rev.15

In these difficult economic times, SouthWare held a very brief one-day conference in Atlanta to announce the significant improvements in the new Revision 15.

Everyone at CCS is really excited about Revision 15 because it makes the system easier to learn and more intuitive to use!

This new release adds significant features that will benefit all users, not just users of some modules. I think that the most important improvements that I see in this revision are highlighted below.

New dynamic web views.

E-mail integration and E-document delivery. This will solve the batch statement printing with different delivery methods for each customer. This is a feature that has been often requested, but in the past very difficult to deliver.

The new integrated activities reporting. This groups all activity for all modules by client avoiding the need to pull information from multiple sources. This is extremely useful for the customer support environment.

New low-cost, very professional shopping cart to allow quick integration into web sales activities.  Review new shopping cart option (on right side of screen, no password information needed).

The changes to NetLink are at the core of this revision. NetLink features are now integrated at no additional cost into the standard product internal users, and a number of changes have been made to NetLink. Details of these changes are in the Revision 15 NetLink pricing document.

Feel free to contact us and schedule a preview of the new features and see how it can help your business!