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August Newsletter...

SouthWare -- Revision 15 Upgrade

"Doing More with Less"

We are very excited to have Revision 15 in our product line. This revision launches a new user experience via the concept of Live Portals as well as providing solutions to other key user requests.

SouthWare has used the theme of "Doing More with Less", focusing their efforts on allowing you to do more with your business software with less resources. With today’s business challenges you need to make sure you’re getting all the productivity you can from the people in your organization.

The concept of Live Portals is a cornerstone of Revision 15. Live Portals let you manage your work in SouthWare through interactive web pages that provide data and allow you perform common tasks - from the same screen. And, theses major changes and improvements don’t interfere with any of the SouthWare features you're accustomed to using, so your transition to this revision should be very smooth.

We feel these features will be highly beneficial to most businesses and employees:

  • Live Portals
  • Free NetLink Web Processor
  • Interactive Reporting Grids
  • E-Mail Integrations
  • Integrated Activity Reporting
  • Google Charts
  • Pivot Table Reporting
  • Automatic Emailing of Forms
  • Sales Opportunity Tracking
  • Remote User option
  • NetLink Shopping Cart
  • New Simplified Implementation Tools

This upgrade has minimal file conversion so it won’t take long to be up and running.  With the new platform of Rev 15, SouthWare is looking forward to being able to bring you powerful yet simple new capabilities during the coming months. And we’re excited that you can take advantage of our new simpler user experience while at the same time retaining all the features that you know so well.