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December Newsletter...

"Year End Review"

SouthWare's Continuous Upgrade Plan

2010 saw SouthWare transitioning from a single annual upgrade release to an integrated maintenance plan where improvements are continuously incorporated throughout the year. This has allowed each change to be absorbed and implemented with minimal effort. These incremental changes and upgrades have been well received and we see this as being extremely beneficial going forward.

We have also seen many of these changes follow the stated SouthWare goal of improving productivity. This was a natural extension to the Revision 15 platform with its stated goal of helping the user “do more with less”.

Our own favorite screen is the Customer portal in the new web look.

This is such a great interactive tool, allowing for quick access to all customer data in a single place instead of multiple screens. This dramatically improves productivity for anyone dealing with the customer, and we know that in this economy, looking after our customers is the key to being more effective and profitable.

If you do not use the new screens yet, please take time to review them. You will see the benefits.  If you would like us to host a web seminar on the new look, please let us know.

Are you willing to change?

This is a time of change and it is critical that we review our procedures and be willing to make changes. It is no longer feasible to do something just because “it’s what we’ve always done”.  Look at the new tools available and evaluate all tasks that seem to take too long to achieve the desired result. There is probably an easier way to do it now.

Managers must take an active role and commit to changes that improve productivity. Only then, can we effectively “do more with less”. It is also very important for management to realize the importance of training and support. Using software incorrectly or inefficiently will only create unnecessary problems.

We have always represented ourselves as a single side of a balanced triangle.  The triangle has 3 equally important sides: Software, Support and Staff.   Incorporating just 2 of the sides is not as effective as using all 3 together. Installing software and expecting the staff to be productive without good support and training is one example.

Another, is where staff or management are resistant to change, preventing even the best software and support from being effective.

Remember, we are here to assist you and support the software. If you have questions, please call us.


CMSS Feature Spotlight
Remote Access

Remember, if you are current with your SouthWare subscription, you now have the capability to remotely access your SouthWare data, even without a full Netlink license.  Do you need access to these screens from a handheld device via a browser?  Do you need quick access to the portals from outside the office?

We can set this up for you. Please ask us how.


SouthWare is compatible with Windows 7.

  SouthWare's Revision 15 and above is compatible with Windows7.