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May Newsletter...

"Just a Quick Note"

Thank you all.

We have had an incredibly busy couple of months here at CCS. SouthWare’s new Maintenance plan, which focuses on bringing users current, has resulted in the highest level of customers on the current revision that I have ever seen. The new user friendly screens and e-mail integration are two of the most requested features. This has resulted in CCS spending a lot of time working with existing clients and integrating these new options.

Other introductory offers, which end in June, are now focusing on getting existing Revision 15 users onto the Maintenance plan. This plan will give Rev. 15 users all the benefits of ongoing improvements through the end of 2010.  Each January, you will have the opportunity of renewing the maintenance agreement to continue receiving the new upgrades as they become available.

If you have not yet reviewed this plan with us, please make sure we schedule these discussions by early June.

We are seeing a definite improvement in business with our clients. While some sectors are slower to recover, we see the new “Do more with less” approach from SouthWare as very beneficial. The new SouthWare "Roles" portals provide management with timely, well presented data, allowing them to be better informed and far more efficient in running their company.

"Lean and Mean" is the new business motto.

We hope to be presenting more web training seminars in the near future, focusing primarily on the e-mail integration system and ways to give customer relations a “beneficial boost” by using the integrated client information screens.