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October Newsletter...

"Achieve More with Less"

This month our theme is again based upon SouthWare’s Revision 15 mission statement. At the end of the third quarter, we reflect on a very difficult 12 months and are glad to see that our efforts are finally being rewarded as the economy seems to be settling down. SouthWare and CCS have weathered a difficult economic storm, and are now positioned to provide a strong presence in assisting our partners as the business environment improves. The excellent August promotions from SouthWare have been very well received and a few promotions will exist through the remainder of this year. Please contact us for more specific information.

We have all faced decisions in cost control and, as we carefully return to more normal levels, we must keep these cost conscious decisions in mind. To that end, we all need to focus on the theme of “Achieve more with less”.

Revision 15 has arrived at a particularly appropriate time as the new features allow us to be greener (excellent e-mail automation) and improve productivity as we work with fewer staff resources.

Some of the productivity tools provided in Revision 15 include:

  • Be more productive with simplified software navigation.

  • Increase sales tracking and follow-up utilizing fewer staff hours.

  • Gain more customer insight with fewer errors.

  • Increase customer interaction with less frustration.

  • Increase management and customer support without losing productivity.

  • Have a more efficient staff without extra training.

These are just a few of the great benefits that Revision 15 gives us. With these new economic challenges, everybody is trying to “achieve more with less” – whether in a business environment or in personal life. While we can’t help much with the personal life part, we are your business partner and will assist you in moving forward and accomplishing your goals. CCS and SouthWare are weathering the tough times and hope you are as well.

For those who are thinking about upgrading, but not sure of the exact time frame, we wanted to remind you of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Section 179 deductions which are good until December 31, 2009. This allows for the deduction of necessary business equipment, including computer software, hardware and telephone system purchases.

While not every business will be able to take advantage of the remaining end of year promotions from SouthWare, we hope that when the time comes to make those “moving forward” business decisions you will continue to choose CCS as your productivity partner.

Please contact us if you have any questions at 561-845-0014.