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February Newsletter...

"Automated Inventory Forecasting, Planning and Optimization"

Do you need to manage your inventory better?

Would you like to find out how to typically turn 20% of your inventory value into cash to provide operating capital for your business?

One of the best ways to increase the cash position of your business in today's difficult economy is to reduce the value of your non-cash assets, turning them into cash. In many cases, one of the largest, potentially convertible assets is your inventory. Recently, a number of our clients have been asking us how to better analyze the information that is stored in SouthWare, and available in very detailed reports. Often, the difficulty with using long reports is finding the slow-moving items and seeing if you are truly over or under on your stock quantities.

As part of the "do more with less" theme of SouthWare's revision 15, they have partnered with Valogix, an industry leader in inventory planning solutions, to create an inventory optimization tool. SouthWare’s extensive database can now integrate into a Windows-based tool that is constantly analyzing inventory and recommending the most cost-effective solution for your inventory levels. The system utilizes your company’s history to forecast trends and create a more balanced and optimized inventory.

The link between Valogix and SouthWare is seamless. Not only is your company’s data captured in a visual presentation, but your purchasing manager can use this visual screen to graphically confirm the recommended purchases or edit the recommendations.  This data is then returned to SouthWare to generate a purchase order.

Watch your e-mail for a follow-up invitation to a one hour presentation on this exceptional product.

Please read the attached brochure covering the benefits of Valogix.

Please call us if you would like a specific presentation using your own company data.